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Our restaurant and menu listings are free - the way the web should be.

We believe every restaurant should have a menu online so we offer every restaurant in our towns a free online menu. Sending us a menu is easy - just email or mail it to us.

Facebook, Craigslist, and YouTube are FREE. Email accounts are free - we get free news on Yahoo, free search results on Google - and restaurants get a free menu on MenusGuide - just send us a menu and we'll prove it.

MenusGuide uses Adobe, the company that brings flash and pdfs to the web, our menus work on every single platform - all for for free - the way the web should be.

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For Diners - By Diners. Our site is used by diners - people just like you looking for a great place to eat in a specific town. Sending a menu to us you'll help make that restaurant busier and you'll help make our site better for everyone - including you.

A big thanks to everyone who has sent a menu or tip. With help from community members like you, we try to stay on top of changes. Thank You for your support.

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