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MenusGuide is an online directory of restaurants and menus - our menu sites are in over 100 towns and cities across the United States and growing. Our simple, easy-to-use, one-page sites are used and loved by local diners, tourists and college students. Diners use our sites to figure out where to eat in town and check out what's on the menu (it's that simple) and as a result we make restaurants busier. We are a diner-driven site and with help from community diners like you, we try to stay on top of restaurant changes.

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Our goal is to have every restaurant & menu in town on our site. Restaurant and menu listings are free - the way the web should be - we offer a Free Online Menu to every restaurant in the towns where we have a MenusGuide. Featured Restaurants, supporters of MenusGuide, have additional features which make them stand out on the site.

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In 2007 we started IthacaMenus.com, in Ithaca, NY because at that time we could not find a site that had a menu for every restaurant in town. We quickly expanded throughout New York state and in 2012 we expanded to New England and Michigan and now we have menu guides in every state.

For Diners. By Diners.
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Has over 10 years of restaurant experience working both the front and back of the house. He was Director of Biz D at Colonize and head of M&A at CheapBooks

Is a user experience & reference librarian and runs MenusGuide social media and is head counsel. She is also the founder of UserExperienceLibrarian.

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